"The Gory Goremet" is a ventriloquist show I used
to do in Nashville at the Slaughter House.  Bonehead (not
shown) was a little skull that wore a chef hat also.  It was a
fun show.  May it rest in peace here in the vault.
"Professor Derby's Toy Shop" is a partial show
that was never completed.  It started out as a ventriloquist
show for churches, that was supposed to teach moral
lessons to children.
"The Careless King"
A show I did for the Fire
Department about fire safety.
"Ye old shadow show"
A show I did for a Medieval
re-enactment group (SCA) with, what
else, shadows!
Proud member of
Two Twits with Puppets

Lost and Found
People I have lost track of and would like to find again!
David Bullwinkle
Stephen Serinious
Valerie Holdsworth
Keith Onken
David Height
Bradley Etcherson
David (Fred) Shipley
Lanette Duggan
Harriet Hicks
John Spagnola
1965-1969 Miami, Florida

1969-1975 Albion, Michigan (North School/Caldwell Elementary)

1975-1979 Natick, Mass (and Cape Cod in Summers) (Kennedy Junior High)

1979-1981 Saudi Arabia (9th grade year, RICS Riyahd International School)

1980-1981 Melbourne, Florida (first 10th grade year, Melbourne High)

1981-1982 Flagstaff, Arizona (2nd 10th grade year, Orme Ranch and Boarding

1982-1983 Arlington, Virginia (11th grade, Washington-Lee High)

1983-1984 Nashville Tennessee (12th grade Page High)

1984-1989 Nashville Tenn (MTSU, Middle Tennessee State University BA
Criminal Justice Maj, Bus. Minor)

1991-2001 Nashville Tenn (Metro Firefighter/EMT)Volunteer State University,
Fire Chemistry AA.

2001-2002 Orlando, Florida (Walt Disney World, Fantasy Land Operations

2003-present Orlando Public School, ACP Professional Teachers Certificate in
(ESE)Special Education

2005-present Started full time study of Puppetry when I turned 40.
Jonathan David West ?
Ok, I know there are Jonathan Wests' everywhere!  How do you know if you have found the
right one?  Pictures don't help, No one looks the same anymore.
Here is a time line of my life to see if you know me:
(approx dates, who remembers?)
3 little kittens
Tyler Teddy: and
the Jelly Bean Tree
Ibex's Puppets from the Edge
"Bad Santa"(anti-clause)
Adult Christmas special
Orlando Fringe Festival with Good
Night Productions
"Robert the Haunted Doll"
With "Puppets on Hand"
The Worm Circus
The Red Planet