Sharon Osbourne = NO

-"It is too risqué for me."

-"I could not believe you put a little top hat on a Willy."

-"Are you mothers here tonight?  They would be ashamed."
Howie Mandel = Yes (with a Standing Ovation)

-"Everyone is going to be talking about this tomorrow."

-"It's a big Yes for me."

-"Three Worms, One Man!"
Howard Stern = NO

-"I used to be a puppeteer too...then I turned 14."

-"You guys look like you just got out of prison."

-"You just can't get girls being a puppeteer can you?"
-Puppets on Hand received
a personal invitation to

-75,000 people audition and
only 400 get to appear
before the celebrity judges.

-America's Got Talent is
viewed by 14 million people

-No worms were harmed in
the filming of this act.